We have performed bookkeeping services for our clients since 1999, so when you entrust us with your records-related tasks, you can focus on achieving your economic goals! Your records are safe with us! You can trust us!

Our employees holds certifications required by the Ministry of Finances. We are also insured against third party liability which guarantees safety of our clients.

Our offer is customizable not only for enterprises just commencing business, but all those that seek expert support.

Company recordkeeping

  • recordkeeping for projects co-funded by the EU,
  • bookkeeping, VAT ledger and VAT reconciliation,
    • recording revenue and expense-related documents,
    • recording payments for liabilities and receivables,
  • audits of recipient-, supplier-, employee-, and office-related settlement records,
  • setting up individual account schemes,
  • drawing up cash reports,
  • carrying our PIT, CIT, and VAT tax settlements,
  • drawing up statistical reports,
  • annual financial reports,
  • accounting for simplified taxation methods (fixed-amount taxations),
  • preparing a plan for depreciation and recordkeeping plan for fixed assets, equipment, intangible assets,
  • drawing up documentation required by the Main Office for Statistics (Pol. GUS),
  • drawing up opening balance for commencement of business activity,
  • handling matters related to tax offices and the Social Insurance Institution (Pol. ZUS).


  • handling payrolls,
  • processing leaves and other times of absence, including medical leaves,
  • processing remuneration for members of supervisory/management boards,
  • settlement of civil-law agreements,
  • reconciliation of tax liabilities, also with regard the Social Insurance Institution (Pol. ZUS), of employees, including the drawing up and filing of the appropriate forms,
  • drawing up and delivery of information to the person insured,
  • registration and deregistration of employees with the Social Insurance Institution (Pol. ZUS),
  • contacting the Tax Office for processing payrolls,
  • doing annual employee tax settlements (PIT-8/11; PIT-40),
  • accounting for the National Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Handicapped (Pol. PFRON),
  • end-to-end consultancy on employee-related issues.


  • informing on current changes in tax law that affect the type of business done by the Client,
  • keeping records on settlements of social insurance contributions,
  • clearance of outstanding accounts,
  • accounting depreciation of fixed assets,
  • filling out credit application forms,
  • leading ownership-change processes for enterprises,
  • closing up businesses,
  • reminding about deadlines for payments and declarations,
  • ongoing tax consultancy,
  • recordkeeping consultancy,
  • receipt of documents from clients.