The Economic Consultancy Department has been supporting managements of different companies in successful and wise managing of their enterprises.

We perform preparation, analyses, projects, and programs that allow to:

  • diagnose the current financial and economic situation of the company,
  • set out strategic directions for operation,
  • determine the methods and ways of their realization.

Economic consultancy services cover:

Analysis of an entity’s condition

  • analysis of organization,
  • marketing analysis,
  • legal analysis,
  • economic and financial analysis,
  • analysis of profit and loss account, balance, and cash flow,
  • forecasting of profit and loss accounts, balance, and cash flow,
  • evaluation of economic effectiveness, financial risk of economic endeavors, etc.
  • business valuation.

Restructuring operations

  • diagnosing causes of organizational, market, or financial failures.

Ownership change

  • privatizations projects with preparing required documents,
  • legal analysis related to privatization and commercialization of companies.

Employment analysis