We have years-long experience of property assets inventory.

The form of inventory, recording method, and documentation are adapted as to meet each client’s demands with regards to:

  • organization of warehouse management,
  • way of property recordkeeping by the accounting department,
  • division of employee pecuniary liability, etc.

and observing formal obligations resulting from the provisions of law.

Traditional stock-taking

Traditional stock-taking of goods, consumables, and fixed assets using inventory sheets.

  • labeling assets with plates carrying digit codes,
  • physical stock-taking of fixed assets according to a list,
  • Stock taken is recorded on paper or by means of computer software.

Electronic inventory

Electronic inventory of goods and consumables using bar code readers.

  • labeling assets with bar codes,
  • physical stock-taking of fixed assets with code readers,
  • computerized settlement of inventory records.

Fixed assets

  • physical stock-taking with bookkeeping register,
  • labeling,
  • valuation and analysis of use.

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Consumables, goods and finished goods

  • physical stock-taking with complete bookkeeping register,
  • analysis of warehouse management,
  • stock valuation and analysis of usability.

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Remaining assets

  • domestic and foreign funds,
  • tools, occupational clothing,
  • intangible assets, etc.

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Special offer

If you are not sure whether to entrust us with a full inventory project, we also render ancillary services like:

  • drawing up inventory documents,
  • organizing trainings for your staff on carrying out proper and reliable stock-taking.

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