We offer you a wide array of services related to warehouse management.

List of services

Working out instructions for warehouse management

Comprehensive plan for keeping stock records with focus on a company’s organizational structure and employee pecuniary liability. Within the plan we create a document workflow scheme for warehouse management.

Inventory consumables, goods, and finished goods

Physical stock-taking with complete accounting. Identifying inventory differences in form of a breakdown of shortages and surpluses and initial recording of explanations of employees with pecuniary liability as to the causes of the identified differences. Depending on the level of IT technology present in a given entity, we employ different means of inventory records. We use inventory modules that work with financial accounting software, or we apply traditional account settlement and reconciliation.

Analysis of warehouse management

Analysis of stock usability by breaking down materials into groups or indexes based on actual circulation of stock in the period under analysis. Analysis of warehouse documents with focus on their flow between different departments of an entity and observance of formal requirements regarding their completion. We cooperate with appraisers from different branches of the economy.